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Some FAQ's below.  Check out the courses page if you have a student involved in the choir program for specific needs of each choir (uniforms, performances, etc...) If nothing else, thanks for taking a look and being proactive in making your son or daughter's education important!


How do choir grades work?

Choirs at BSH are based on participation.  If the students are there and participating they will earn an A.  Less than an A is a good indication that a student is not participating or is simply skipping class.  The biggest concern is concert attendance.  All concerts are required and even if there is a good reason to miss one a make up is involved.


How do non-choir course grades work?

Most grades are based on points. Courses have different requirements and skill sets.  Grades will be updated through the district's grade site regularly.  Best bet is to contact Mr. MacSween to see which course fits a student's ability.  


How can I help?

 Depending on your schedule, there are a number of ways to volunteer throughout the year. Also, cash donations can be put to use a variety of ways. Contact Mr. MacSween via email and we'll plug you in!


What can I do to help my student get into the top ensemble?

In general voice lessons are a great option! The audition for Chorale (our advanced large group) is the national anthem.  The vocal jazz ensemble is more complex and it will help to sit down with Mr. MacSween and get an idea what you're in for.  Vocal and piano lessons always make a difference, and are worth the time and $ even if the audition doesn't work out the way you'd hoped.

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